is a collection of tools to work with game and midi controllers


7/6/2013 - game2midi - added new drum kit mappings for guitar hero to hydrogen drumkit mappings.

7/25/2011 - g2ghpro - Bass support is working in svn on Roland units. Hopefully soon on Axon Units.

All new users of g2ghpro, please read the wiki in FULL

this will save you and the developers alot of time and headaches


Support Forum
Wiki - contains Supported hardware, and configuration information

Source Code

svn checkout svn:// game2midi


(guitar synth to guitar hero pro) - has full multiplatform support (windows,linux,osx) so Guitar Synthesizers can be used for pro guitar mode in rock band 3. I think some bugs still need to be worked out, so feedback is welcome.

Tested Hardware - see wiki


Connection Demo


Windows g2ghpro-0.2 Binary Download


linux source archive download

to build the linux source run
./configure && make && make install in the base directory, g2ghpro will be located at src/g2ghpro


Initial Makefile exists in src directory, once downloaded go to the src directory and type make -f Makefile.osx to build. Hopefully a dmg pkg will be available soon
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